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Nature inspired solutions

We create products based on natural ingredients, from plant biostimulants to pest control, designed to solve the multiple problems that can affect crops.
Active compounds extracted from plants, holistic formulation and a top standard manufacturing facility are ours keys to sucess.

Disruptive technologies

Our R&D tool-box is fully dedicated to develop biotechnologies that help nature to work better rather then replace it, focusing on ways to manage natural processes to the benefit of plants.
The results are innovative products that simplify the pick up of more sustainable farming methods.

Support service

Our understanding is that a biotechnological product do not work in every condition. It is responsability of the technician to make it work, integrating and coordinating it with all other production means.
We designed clear supporting tools to help getting the most out of our products.



Agriculture  is going through a process of deep change, which will take sustainable production methods to become more widely-used, productive and profitable than conventional ones. Only two options are given torelate with this transformation: negation or implication.

Naturbec sides with the stakeholders that responsibly take the lead in promoting a more sustainable agrifood system.






Forest do not need human intervention to become the lush ecosystem they are . From this understanding arise Naturbec`s vision of innovation : We want to strengthen biological mechanisms that already exist innature, and bring them to the farmer in the from of easy-to-use products.

With such motivation we designed Stamina Technology tool to improve plant-soil relationship based on 4 elements:

  • Isolate root promoting microorganisms.
  • Strengthen their benefical actions in laboratory.
  • Defineformulations that can maintain their biological activity untouched during transport form land to field.
  • Designe specific nutrients for increasing the effects of our strains once they are in the soil.

Altogether a biotech process created to allow farmers to have accessto the benefical power of microbes.



We are a biotech company focused on the agrifood sector and dedicated to search for sustainable solutions inspired by nature. To sharpen our value proposition we embrace the lean innovation method, wich stars by identifying a problem and ends by offering a solution that needs to be both effective but also, and most importantly, profitable for the farmer. This is own we secure wide acceptance for our products.

Furthermore, we keep a systemic vision of the farm ecosystem in order to simplify the integration of our tools into the production processes of choice.

Our goal is to develop biotechnologies that promote the transition toward an agriculture decoupled from the consumption of finite resources.

Our products

You will never hears us sying that our products are the best, as their actual performance strictly depends on the farmer’s ability to understand and integrate them into his/her own management system. With a strong technical service, our focus is on making sure that usage and functionalities are clearly outlined.

Our formulations based on natural ingredients and with zero residues contribute to foster a more sustainable production system and help to acquire an integrated vision of the farm ecosystem.




Organic fertilizers and biostimulants based on botanicals, formulated to improve crop productivity thanks to plants that are better fed and physiologically stronger.


Formulae including basic substances of natural origen, designed to tackle problems associated with humidity and potencial plant weaknesses against pathogens.


Products designed to regulate the interaction between crops and their plagues. Zero residue applications based on functiional compoundsextracted from plants.


Tools based on living microbes aiming at improving the soil microbiome, increasing nutrient bioavailability and regulate plant physiology in every moment of its development.





Our purposes

" In agriculture it is time for the Green Bio-Revolution "

"Know our lines of organic products and zero waste".

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