Biotechnology specialized in sustainable agriculture

We are a Spanish biotechnology company specializing in agriculture, aspiring to lead in the research and development of sustainable technology to provide farmers with solutions that help them face present and future challenges.
We have a secret: the Natur3tech® Model.
Exclusive formulations based on three active ingredients of natural origin
To improve soil quality and plant health.
Natural source of active ingredients.
For superior photosynthetic efficiency and greater growth.
La elevada sinergia de estos componentes, que se aplica en las etapas de formulación, desarrollo y fabricación, nos permite optimizar la eficiencia agrícola y minimizar el impacto ambiental.
Keys to the Natur3tech® Model
Thorough knowledge of the product
Identification of the most efficient active ingredients
Maximum efficacy and efficiency
Crops free of chemical waste
Careful selection of raw materials
Exclusive formulation
Enhancement and natural synergies
Solutions respectful of humans and the environment
Our R&D department works on identifying and selecting the most efficient and effective raw materials, then enhancing them in a unique formulation to offer high productivity without leaving chemical residues in the food.
Why Natur3tech?

We want to restore the lost balance in agriculture

Thanks to these innovations, we aim to restore the balance lost in agriculture due to the use of synthetic chemical solutions that have negatively impacted both the environment and consumer health.

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