In our DNA, there is an essential commitment:

Our dedication to sustainability is not only reflected in our innovative natural solutions. We want to go further and ensure that each of our actions aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals.

This is how our commitments are reflected:

ODS 2. Hambre cero
2. Zero Hunger
Agriculture has fed humanity for millennia, enabling the development of civilization as we know it today. At Naturbec, we are aware of the importance of the sector in which we work, and we feel responsible for providing the world with abundant crops free of harmful chemicals.
ODS 15. Vida de ecosistemas terrestres
3. Good-Health & Well-Being
The production of organic and chemical-free foods reduces exposure to pesticides. This can decrease chemical-related illnesses and promote overall healthier nutrition, leading to healthier people and fewer diseases. Consequently, healthcare systems become less overwhelmed, allowing them to allocate resources to more critical areas.
ODS 6. Agua limpia y saneamiento
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
Water is an increasingly demanded resource, yet it is not properly cared for. Traditional agriculture with chemicals has contaminated up to 40% of European aquifers, which supply water to the taps of many households. At Naturbec, we work to ensure that agriculture respects its water resources
ODS 8. Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
We work to live a dignified life and continue growing. Our goal is to double Naturbec's job creation by 2025. We aim to attract local talent and increase the agricultural sector's value chain by diversifying
compromisos - ods15
15. Life on Land
Traditional agricultural industry harms terrestrial biodiversity by employing intensive practices that deplete soils and use harmful pesticides. By nourishing soils with biofertilizers, we ensure that both the life within the soil, responsible for its fertility and health, and the surrounding wildlife can thrive in harmony with our environment.
ODS 17. Alianzas para lograr los objetivos
17. Partnerships for the Goals
We believe in the power of partnerships to drive sustainable agricultural innovation. We collaborate with various platforms and organizations to share knowledge and resources, promoting solutions that benefit both the industry and the environment.

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