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Naturbec, an innovator in agricultural biotechnology in Spain, is looking for distributors. Specializing in sustainable technologies for agriculture, we offer solutions for current and future challenges. Join us and bring agricultural innovation to your region.
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Why Naturbec?

Greater competitiveness: our products increase farmers' productivity.
Effectiveness: proven efficacy of our treatments under various control conditions.
Safety: partnership and collaboration with various market entities.
Demanding markets: we enable the production of food suitable for the most demanding markets in the world.
Advisory: agronomic advice and commercial support.
Suitable for all crops: conventional, zero residue, and organic.
Promotional material and workshops: provided to customers to keep them informed.
Trade shows: presence at trade shows and events to support our customers.
Fast delivery: immediate response to our customers. Delivery time of 48-72 hours.

Our ground-breaking technology:
Natur3tech ®

Exclusive formulations based on three active ingredients of natural origin
To improve soil quality and plant health.
Natural source of active ingredients.
For superior photosynthetic efficiency and greater growth
The high synergy of these components, applied in the stages of formulation, development, and manufacturing, allows us to optimize agricultural efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

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Formulario contacto
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